According to Mosenkov, Sotnikova & Reshetnikov (2010), for the studied galaxies, the effective radius of the bulge re,b, the disc scalelength h and the disc scaleheight z0 are well correlated. However, there is a clear trend for the ratio re,b/h to increase with the Sersic index n. As n is an indicator of the Hubble type, such a trend unambiguously rules out the widely discussed hypothesis of a scale-free Hubble sequence. The found correlation between z0 and re,b is new and was not described earlier. 


Fig1. Correlations between some structural parameters. 
Fig2. - The Kormendy relation for the 2MASS and UKIDSS samples (left-hand plot) and SDSS sample (right-hand plot). Symbols are the same as in Fig. 1.